Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake

Main Number 801.743.7000

Emergency 911 • Non-Emergency Dispatch 801.840.4000

File a Police Report Online

Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake

Main Number 801.743.7000

Emergency 911 • Non-Emergency Dispatch 801.840.4000

File a Police Report Online

Technical Services

Division chief 
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  • All Emergencies call 9-1-1
  • Non-Emergency Dispatch

    To report a crime or request to speak with an officer
  • UPD Main Number

    for General Questions or to be directed to any Precinct, Division, or Individual
  • Technical Services

    4250 West 5415 South  Kearns, Utah
  • Business Hours:
    Monday- Friday:
    8:00am to 5:00pm
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed
    Holidays: Closed

About Technical Services

Mission: To serve and support the public and members of the Unified Police Department

The Technical Services Division provides several behind-the-scene services to UPD members and citizens alike. These services are vital to the successful operation of the UPD and other law enforcement agencies that might contract with the UPD for services.

  • These services are provided and managed by forty-five civilians and three sworn employees
  • Records Management
  • Property and Evidence Management
  • Communications Equipment Management
  • Fleet Management



The GRAMA Unit manages the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) compliance, Alarm Permitting for business and residential alarm permits for the Unified Police Department and it’s member cities, compliance with the Alarm Ordinance, Law Enforcement Tow Truck Rotation management and compliance, archiving of Unified Police Department Records, and Records Management System (RMS).

The Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), provides citizens the right to access “Public” data maintained by the Unified Police Department. GRAMA requests for records can be mailed or delivered to the Technical Services Division front counter, located at the Kearns Precinct 4250 West 5415 South  Kearns, Utah. For further details on services provided by the GRAMA Unit, please call 385.468.9755, during normal business hours. This unit reports to the Technical Services Division Records Manager.

Request for Records

  • Limited public access to all Unified Police Department Precincts
  • For Emergencies call 911
  • Non Emergency / Dispatch 801-840-4000
  • Administration Line 801-743-7000
  • GRAMA / Records – All requests for records (reports, good conduct letters etc.) must be requested via the following webform or by calling (385)468-9755 (Monday – Friday). Pick-up of records will be by appointment only at the Technical Services Division located in the Kearns Precinct (North entrance) 4250 West 5415 South, Kearns.
  • Link: GRAMA / Record Request

General Information for Records Request

The Unified Police Department offers you the convenience of obtaining copies of incident and traffic reports by mail. The research and processing fee for this service is ten dollars ($10.00) for each incident or traffic report. Records requests are normally processed and mailed within ten (10) business days of request.

Complete the Request for Records form according to the directions given on the form. On the “description of records sought” line of the Request for Records form, indicate the type of record you are interested in, the case number, and as much of the information listed below as possible:

  • Address of occurrence
  • Date of occurrence
  • Time of occurrence
  • Name of person(s) involved

After you have completed the form, print it out but Do not sign or date it. The form must be signed and dated in the presence of a Notary Public.

Your request for records will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the UCA 63-3-201 – Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA). In most cases, only the initial report will be provided to you by mail. For additional assistance please contact our office at 385.468.9755

Classification Of Unified Police Department Records

The classification of certain Unified Police Department records is shown below.

  • Records with a primary classification of “Protected” normally remain “Protected” until the conclusion of all criminal court activity, including appeal periods.
  • Initial Reports have a primary classification of “Public” and secondary classification of “Private, Protected, and Controlled”.
  • Follow up Reports have a primary classification of “Protected” and a secondary classification of “Private, Protected, and Controlled”.
  • Investigative: Photos, Video Tapes, Diagrams, and Audio Tapes have a primary classification of “Protected” and a secondary classification of “Private.”
  • Traffic Accident: Follow up Reports, Witness Statements, Detailed Diagrams not on State Form, and Video Tapes have a primary classification of “Protected” and a secondary classification of “Private”. Photograph and video tape depicting victims have a primary classification of “Protected” and a secondary classification of “Private”.

Depending on the status of the case within the criminal justice system, these additional records may not be available to you.

Fees and Picking Up Records

Note, there are additional fees for these records and they must be picked up in person at the records window at precicnt locations. A photo ID is required to enter these buildings. Incomplete request forms, photocopied forms, and requests submitted without associated fee payment, will not be processed.

How to complete the form

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Download Adobe Reader Follow the directions given on Adobe’s site for installation.

Download The Forms



Fill out the application

Do not sign and date the request unless it is in the presence of a notary.
The notary must witness your signature and notarize the form before it is submitted.

Records Front Counter

The Records Front Counter Unit and staff are responsible to provide and release accurate information to the public, outside agencies, the courts, insurance companies and to the Unified Police Department personnel, per GRAMA and Unified Police Department Policy, on a daily basis, and in a courteous and timely manner They must have knowledge of all available GRAMA laws, Unified Police Department data systems, including BCI and NCIC, in order to have the ability to perform research and provide the information being requested. This is done by phone, personal contact at the front counter window, and/or by mail request. This unit reports to the Technical Services Division Records Manager.

RMS Report/Citation/Traffic and NIBRS Unit

The RMS transcription queue processes all the incoming events sent electronically to the RMS (Records Management System) queue. Events include traffic citations, incident reports (G.O.’s), property reports, supplemental reports and street checks. The Traffic Desk processes all incoming crash reports by entering the data from a hard copy accident report and forwards original reports to the State of Utah. The Traffic Citation Desk enters data into the RMS from hard copy traffic citations received from the field. The Summons/CD Desk processes all misdemeanor citations (Adult and Juvenile) and enters data events. The RMS Scanning Desk scans paper documents into the RMS and attaches them to related events (i.e., a witness statement taken at the scene of an accident is attached to a DI-9 Traffic Report). NIBRS/Late Report Desk ensures that all incident reports are NIBRS compliant. Corrects IBR errors and submits monthly RMS extract of offense data to BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification). This desk is also responsible for monitoring late reports for the entire Unified Police Department. This unit reports to the Technical Services Division Records Manager.

Communications Equipment Management Unit

The Communications Equipment Management Unit is responsible for purchasing, disseminating, and repairing mobile and handheld radios, mobile data computers, and cellular telephones for all officers and UPD vehicles. Additionally, this unit manages the operation of the UPD recently upgraded paging system. We extend these services to several other County departments and many non-County personnel that partner with the UPD.

In addition to the preceding assignments, this unit manages and deploys the Mobile Communications Command Post on a variety of events. These events include but are not limited to SWAT callouts, missing persons, Search & Rescue operations, and numerous community events. This vehicle is equipped with the latest communications technology, and is ready to roll at a moments notice.

Fleet Management Unit

The Unified Police Department’s Fleet Management Unit has the large task of managing and maintaining a fleet of approximately four hundred and eighty five vehicles. This undertaking includes replacing one third of the fleet annually. Replacing vehicles consists of ordering and outfitting the vehicles with multiple types of equipment, and assigning them to UPD members. It also requires removing the equipment from the replaced vehicles and preparing them for their next destination.

On average, the Fleet Management Unit will coordinate maintenance, repairs, and equipment switch-out of 10-15 vehicles per day. If this were not enough, they also complete all paper work, and solicit insurance estimates if a vehicle is involved in an accident, vandalized, or damaged in any way. This team of two is heavily involved in County fleet meetings where they provide valuable input on the costs and reliability of future UPD vehicles.

Property & Evidence Management Unit

  • Limited public access to all Unified Police Department Precincts and Special Operations Building
  • For Emergencies call 911
  • Non Emergency / Dispatch 801-840-4000
  • Property and Evidence – All requests for property release must be requested via the following webform or by calling (385)468-9530. Pick-up of property will be by appointment only at the Special Operations Building – 3510 South 700 West
  • Link: Property Request

The UPD Property/Evidence Unit is responsible for processing all incoming evidence and ensures the integrity of the chain of custody for court proceedings. This unit meets or exceeds all local and national evidence-processing standards for items received.

The unit also accepts found or abandoned property. This includes found and recovered stolen bicycles. Found property is held for ninety days while we attempt to locate the owner. In many situations the property is released to the finder after ninety days has elapsed. Approximately 39,000 items are received and\or disposed of on an annual basis.

In addition to tracking evidence and found property, the Property/Evidence Unit purchases, inventories and disseminates property to UPD members. The unit also prints 95% of UPD pamphlets and other printed material.

This unit is staffed with seven full time civilian employees including a manager, and employs three part-time processors. It is nationally recognized by the International Association of Property/Evidence and is known to be a model for other law enforcement agencies.